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What does a Maimovie Taste Finder do?​

Thoroughly explore the AI taste search engine to discover your own movie taste, and help us improve our AI-user communication​

Share your experience using Maimovie as a Taste Finder! Help others discover their own taste and receive tailored recommendations.

Receive monetary compensation for your simple and fun contribution to improve AI!​

All available 73+ U.S. streaming services connexted

Why Maimovie?​

AI service redefining the movie industry

  • ALL 540K+ movies

  • ALL 74+ U.S. streaming services

  • ALL 14K+ classified movie expressions and more

All existing 540k+ movie profiles with live information updates including the latest buzz from crowd data

An unimaginable number of personalized​ AI-driven recommendations​

ALL 14K+ key movie expressions are provided as KeyTalk search, letting users search with their taste in movies by picking or simply just saying what they want